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LENGTH: 20–25mm

Our luxury 3D press-ons are all individually handmade by nail technicians and are reusable.

Each set of nails comes with a complimentary temporary nail application kit, and when applied correctly, they last up to 5 days of wear.

Temporary Kit Includes:

    • 2x sheets of Sticky Tabs
    • 2x Alcohol Wipes
    • 1x Nail File
    • 1x Cuticle Pusher

    For longer lasting wear, try our Premium Nail Application Kit.

    Measure your nails according to the chart below and find the right size, if your nails are in between two sizes, then recommended to size up.

    Handmade 3D Press on nails

    Cost Effective

    Our press-on nails is an affordable choice, offering a variety of intricate designs that are cost-effective compared to salon acrylics.


    Unlike salon nails that only last up to 4 weeks, our press-ons are reusable until you lose them when used with sticky tabs.

    Quick Application

    Applying our press-on nails takes less than 15 minutes, saving you time and hassle. Plus, they can be changed anytime to compliment your outfit of the day.

    Gentle on Natural Nails

    When properly applied and removed, our press-on nails won’t damage your natural nails, in contrast to removing salon acrylics.


    Due to our nails are handmade, there might be very slight variations in each set.

    The listed price does not cover any customs fees or duties. Buyers are responsible for any additional charges that may arise due to their country’s import regulations.